A Quick & Easy, Life-Changing Reminder For You…

If you’ve been hearing from me for any length of time, you are probably aware of how powerful “Change Your Story, Change Your Life” can be. Meaning the beliefs we have about ourselves directly determine what is possible for us – AND we can change those beliefs if they aren’t supporting us. 

These beliefs or “stories” also influence our general outlook on life and the experiences we have. In other words, what we think about, we bring about. What we put our attention on grows stronger.

If we focus on the negative, we are much more likely to see and experience negativity. Conversely, if we focus on the positive, we are much more likely to see and have positive experiences. 

So, my question for you today is…

“Where does YOUR mind go?” 

Are you a worrier? Do you always focus on what could go wrong?

Or do you look for learning opportunities in your challenges? Are you someone, like my masterfully manifesting friend Raquel, whose first thought in every situation is “What is the BEST that can happen?” 

Let’s get real here.

Are you happy with your default?

If not, you can change it.

Start now by paying attention to where your mind goes and the stories you get stuck in. Commit to noticing your thoughts for the next three days. Or even the next three hours!

For a deeper understanding of this concept and suggestions for how you can shift your thinking, listen to my “Change Your Story, Change Your Life” audio training HERE.

Then CHOOSE what you want to think about – and bring about.

You have the power to take charge of your mind. You have the power to take charge of your life. 

Do it now.

Love & Lightness,