There’s Nothing Wrong with You. Really!

WE are our own biggest obstacle to feeling good about ourselves! 

THAT’s the challenge that kept showing up when connecting with members of our community for their free Change Your Story Breakthrough sessions recently.

It is the stories we repeatedly tell ourselves –

much more than our circumstances or financial situations –

that keep us feeling stuck, broken and not good enough.

For instance, Angela’s story was that after quitting her corporate job and spending more time at home, she was feeling trapped by traditional expectations and worried about losing her home.  She declared she wanted to stop feeling sad & stressed and start feeling free & happy.

As we spoke it became clear her suffering was a direct result of her story. Angela was focusing only on her fears and the few things in her life that weren’t ideal.

When we took five minutes to help her step out of her sad, painful story so she could notice and acknowledge ALL of the gifts in her life she had been taking for granted – all the love that surrounds her, the freedom to choose how she spends her time, a comfortable home she enjoys, financial stability, a pile of snuggly kitties

…everything changed.

When Angela reflected on how much joy and freedom she has in her life here and now, and woke up to how much time and energy she had been sacrificing for her stuck story, she recognized where she needed to shift her attention and immediately felt better. Hopeful, happy, peaceful.

Just by choosing to focus on something else. Just by changing her story.

Of course, your situation could be very different.

Not everyone’s story is that simple – or easy to shift.

Maybe your life is messy, hard, directionless, painful…

or just incredibly frustrating.

But I promise you this…

If you are feeling



not good enough,

clueless about what would actually make you happy,

afraid to chase your dream for fear of failure or judgment…

…You can change that. 

You CAN feel happy, worthy, confident, clear and courageous.  

I can help.

Those brave souls who were ready to get unstuck – and quick enough to grab one of the limited times available to speak with me – found their Change Your Story Breakthrough sessions so profoundly transformative and enlightening that they inspired me to open up a few more times for those who weren’t able to schedule.

So don’t wait another day. Click below to claim YOUR free Change Your Story Breakthrough session so you can finally get out of your own way and become who you are meant to be. 

Change YOUR Story

It’s time…

To get clear.

To be brave.

To change your story. 

To change your life.

So you can be happy, fulfilled and free. 

Looking forward to speaking with you soon!

Change YOUR Story

Love & Lightness,