Is THIS what’s getting in your way?

The sun is shining! The sun is shining! Summer is FINALLY here…
After almost eight months of mostly overcast skies, cold weather, and record rain here in Seattle, it’s been challenging to maintain energy, enthusiasm and a positive outlook. 
Then…last week the sun came out and the temperature rose! I was actually giddy with excitement at the prospect of being outside on a glorious day. Working from a hammock in the park by Lake Washington was amazing! I felt happy, energized and inspired.
The power of this sunny day reminded me how much my environment affects my story – what I believe about myself and the world around me. Without recognizing the weather’s impact, it would be easy to judge myself for not being productive or positive, to feel like I was somehow “failing” because I wasn’t “joyful” all the time.
However, external factors can profoundly influence our stories…
like the weather, our coworkers and family, the buildings we spend time in, how we treat our bodies, etc.
Here’s why I’m sharing this with you…
Our environment determines what is possible for us.
If we decide to “think differently” but don’t consider our environment we can easily fall into self-criticism and self-judgment when we find it difficult to change our thinking.
If we don’t pay attention to who and what is around us, we can flounder without knowing why.
Is your external environment affecting what feels possible for you?
Is it easier to be happy and feel good about life when the sun is shining and the day is beautiful?
Are there certain people around whom you feel better about yourself?
Do you prefer wide open, bright places or cozy, intimate spaces?
Being aware of the environmental factors that control our stories empowers us to address all of the elements at play. Then we can craft new stories, surroundings, relationships and communities that support us in creating our ideal life. 
More Awareness = More Empowerment.
More Empowerment = More Possibility.
More Possibility = More Fulfillment.
Empower yourself! 
Take a few minutes to reflect on your environment…the people, places and things around you.
What feels light, expansive, supportive
What feels constricting, heavy and draining?
Where would you like to make changes
What is the first small step you can take to begin improving your environment?
I am extremely curious to hear what comes up for you so let me know.  Email me directly
Love & Lightness,