How Stressed Would YOU Be?

Would you be willing to step into a room full of potential romantic partners you’ve never met for the express purpose of having an intimate conversation with each one?

No apps.

Just your true self?

Where would your mind go?
What expectations might arise?
How stressed would you be?

Recently I met Andrew, a lovely man who, two years ago, found himself separated after 25 years of marriage. Not accustomed to asking for help, he took the unusual (for him) step of joining a divorcee support group.

His openness to finding help during this time of extreme emotional stress allowed him to form strong and ongoing connections with many members of the group. This support has increased his confidence over the last two years, and led him to be more open and willing to try new things.

One of those new things was “Speed Dating” – which is (full disclosure) where I met him.

Imagine walking into a room where most of the crowd is hoping to meet their future spouse. Just a little pressure there to make a glowing first impression! Andrew was feeling particularly anxious about speaking with a bunch of women on a husband-hunt as he’s still a little raw from his divorce. But with support, it seemed less daunting, and even fun.

When Andrew and I connected, our five minute conversation clearly left an impression. I shared that my only expectation of the evening was to enjoy meeting and speaking with the other participants. And from there, if I was interested in continuing a conversation with someone beyond our allotted five minutes, I was open to meeting them again. Still without attachment to any particular outcome outside of enjoying our time together.

As he absorbed the idea of just being open and in the moment without expectation, Andrew became noticeably more relaxed and at ease. By changing his story about the significance of each encounter, his experience of the evening completely changed, too. And gave him the courage to ask me out, knowing we could just enjoy our time together without any pressure. (We just went on a beautiful hike a few days ago…)

Here’s why I’m sharing this with you…

When we are open to receiving support, our capacity for expanding our comfort zone increases dramatically.

When we are open to possibilities without attachment to the outcome, our capacity for expanding joy in our life increases dramatically as well.

One of the biggest obstacles to receiving support, encouragement and assistance that I encounter with so many of my clients is their belief that they “should be able to do it by themselves.” They often believe they aren’t worthy of receiving help or are weak if they ask for it. And yet, when they let go of those stories and open up to receiving all that is possible, amazing things happen in their lives.

• They find the courage to start the business they’ve been dreaming of or to move to another state – or country.

• They experience more joy, peace of mind, and deeper connections with their loved ones.

• Their fear of the unknown fades and their willingness to be present and open grows.

Where are you holding yourself back because you aren’t open to receiving support – even though you might be feeling overwhelmed?

Where are you holding yourself back because you are attached to a particular outcome – and are afraid things might not end up the way you want?

If you are ready (or even thinking-about-maybe-possibly-eventually being ready) to let go and open up, let’s connect. I managed to carve out a few times next week for you to speak with me about your dreams, your fears, and where you would like some support in your life.


Isn’t it time you opened up to all that is possible and let go of your fear and limiting stories?

Isn’t it time you opened up to receiving support to create the life you desire?

Because I deeply believe that the world needs YOUR unique brilliance, my “Change Your Story Breakthrough Session” is my gift to you. What you believe about yourself and what is possible for you can profoundly shift in this free, 30-minute breakthrough session. I see it over and over again. But don’t wait! Spaces are limited and fill up fast. Click here to get on my calendar!


Looking forward to speaking with you soon!

Love & Lightness,