Are you ready to face your next crisis?

Wow! I just got back from an amazing three-day meditation/awareness retreat and am feeling AWESOME! Clear, aligned, energized, ready to step up and make an even bigger difference in the world. Powerfully reminded of how empowering and inspiring it is to spend time with supportive, encouraging, like-minded people.

So I wanted to share that reminder with you. Even though we know that support is a good thing – no matter what state we’re in – we might have a hard time asking for or receiving it. We might be familiar with receiving support during a crisis or difficult time. However, if we ask for and/or receive support during times when things are going well, THAT is when we can make huge progress in our ability to deal with difficult things when life isn’t so smooth.

As most yoga instructors say, ‘we practice being balanced and flexible in class when our environment is peaceful and calm so that we are able to stay balanced and flexible through the challenging times when things AREN’T so peaceful and calm.’

Think about it this way…

What if you experienced a crisis like breaking your leg? You would most likely be willing to receive support from the doctors who set and cast your leg and the physical therapists who help you regain your strength and mobility.

When you are back to “normal” and out of crisis, you can go about your life as you were and be fine. OR you can choose to receive support by enlisting a personal trainer, joining an exercise class or finding a group to walk with every day so you can become even stronger and healthier than you were before the break. Should you suffer another injury, it will be easier to deal with as you will be stronger, more flexible and able to heal faster than if you had not been receiving support.

Life is like that, too. If we are willing to ask for and receive support when life is good, we can get stronger, experience more peace and fulfillment and move through challenges faster with a lot less stress along the way!

If things are going well for you right now, you’re feeling happy and content with no overwhelming issues, then NOW is the time to take inspired action to achieve your dreams. NOW is the time to receive support, encouragement and accountability so you CAN move forward and strengthen your ability to respond calmly in times of stress AND to see real progress in your life.

I am here to give you that support. To share the abundant awesome energy from my weekend with you, I have cleared a few spaces in my calendar over the next few days so you can speak with me for FREE during your very own personalized “Love Your Life Breakthrough Session.” What would YOU do with unwavering support, encouragement, structure and accountability? Find the time that works best for you and let’s get you strong and inspired so you can follow your heart, achieve your dreams and create a life you love!

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Looking forward to speaking with you soon!

Love & Lightness,