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In this free transformational video interview series, over thirty experts share their powerful secrets for helping you create a more empowered, in-tune, meaningful life.

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Meet the Speakers

Alex Echols

Congruency is King in Business

Alison A. Armstrong

Embody the Queen in All of Us

Allyson Chavez

How to Create Miracles

Ann Webb

Manifesting A Meaningful Life

Ashe Woodward

The Importance of Checking In With Your Inner Voice

Bonnie Giller

Break Free of Dieting and Emotional Eating to Get the Body You Love

Brad Yates

Tapping into Your Best Self

Caitlin Pyle

Mastering Your Mindset

Dana Garrison

The Hidden Reasons Your Life Hits Roadblocks

Dianne Collins

Make Your Mind Your Friend

Dina Proctor

Transform Your Life in 9 Minutes a Day

Erica Glessing

Start Life Fresh Each Day

Julie Bond Genovese

Turning Pain into Purpose for Creative Souls

Dr Kacie Crisp

Unblocking Your Intution and Putting it to Work for You At the Speed of Light

Karen Luniw

Quantum Leaps with the QC2 Method

Katrina Sawa

Love Yourself Successful & the 4 Types of Love

Michelle Alva

How To Empower Your Inner Healer

Nick Hansinger

Finding and Living Your Life Purpose

Ronda Renee

Turn up your Intuition, Fulfillment and Results with Divine Navigation

Tamara Plant

Twisting Your Perspective

Tom Terwilliger

How To Take a Conscious Leap of Faith

Ally Loprete

Living Your Fast Paced Life with EASE and FLOW

Derrick Sweet

Elite Life Mastery Secrets

Joyce Bone

90 Day Sprints To Crush The End of Your Year

Lorna Blake

How to Move Through Fear To Embrace Freedom

Siobhan Costello

Finding Your Courage to be Different

David Essel

The Myth of Positive Thinking

Ashley Leavy

Your Practical Guide to Inner Guidance

Michael Strasner

Life on the Skinny Branches

Vicki Lein

Overcoming Obstacles to Become the Author of Your Own Life

Join Us and Find Out How

We value your privacy and would never spam you

About Natalie Rose Saxe, Your Host

Natalie-Saxe-9894_v1As the founder and Chief Empowerment Officer at A Joyful Life, Natalie provides encouragement, accountability and new awareness to help you change the way you think, feel and experience your world so that you can take charge of your life, your work, and your future. At her Seattle based company, Natalie’s naturally warm and engaging style inspires, motivates and educates through one-on-one success coaching and motivational speaking. With over ten years of experience coaching and presenting to audiences large and small, her training and degrees in personal transformation, education, energy healing, social work and even massage therapy inform Natalie’s powerful message as she shares eye opening and life-changing guidance. Whether it's inspiring listeners or empowering clients, Natalie helps people feel more confident, connected, and in control of their life.